Project management support

Project management to ensure to ensure efficient delivery, on time and on budget.

Support from start to finish

Managing the discovery, design and delivery of a digital product requires continuous communication and smart processes. With the right tools and agile methodologies we ensure that your project is efficiently run and the product arrives on time and on budget.

Project managers enable success


Zimmer Biomet

The nuom team successfully managed, designed, prototyped, and tested the solution with patients and medical professionals within a few weeks.

The use of high-fidelity prototypes enabled user research to elicit valuable insights that were used to create a report plan with recommendations for the future product strategy.

Project management across agile processes

Project management is key to successful delivery. Our model is based on agile practices that deliver the most value. From Discovery, to prototyping and iterative improvements, to the final product, we maintain a great relationship.

Requirements and plan

We set project needs based on goals and objectives.


We manage the Discovery and Design stages that craft the solution.


Development teams build once a prototype is approved.


We establish testing mechanisms to ensure success.

Release and iterate

Release, maintain and enhance as necessary.

Continuous improvement

Scope improvements or adaptations based on feedback.

Take advantage of our fast and effective process

We create better solutions and build products that care. This is underpinned by a human-centric approach, across Discovery, Design, and Delivery. We look to identify the problem collaboratively and solve it together at speed, using an agile approach that gets great results, and which clients love.

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