Designing digital health around users

We assist our clients in creating and launching insight-driven products that improve patient outcomes.

We build digital health solutions that care

In digital health, we craft products attentive to every user and interaction, helping organisations enhance compliance, user experience, and empower users.


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User research
We build a deep understanding of what users think and need through quant & qual methods.
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UX review
User experience analysis through the lens of usability heuristics and UX expertise.
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Vision setting and team alignment on what matters most and how users will benefit most.
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Service blueprinting
An end-to-end mapping of the user journey, including all key stakeholder inputs.
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Design sprints
A dynamic focus on the key solution using iterative prototyping and user testing.

“The best thing about working with nuom has been getting such a range of abilities through the team. All the insight available really improved the product.”

Image of Priyanka Mahajan
Priyanka Mahajan
Founder, ammi


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Product design
Human-centred design that patients and users will love.
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User experience design
Create the ultimate user experience for optimal outcomes.
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User interface design
Build an accessible, effective, intuitive product.
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UX writing
Craft clear copy that improves the user experience.

“Customers were blown away because ‘this doesn’t feel like a clinical trial application’. That made the conversation about how we were doing things differently easier because they could see it, touch it, and interact with it.”

Gavin Birchnall.
Gavin Birchnall
Solutions Consultant, Exco InTouch


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Web development
We build websites and web apps quickly and professionally.
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Mobile development
Custom mobile apps that are well-designed and optimised for both iOS and Android.
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Machine learning
Data science solutions that let you do more with your data.
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Dedicated project management to ensure efficient delivery on time and on budget.

"nuom are responsive, adaptive and really listen to what I want. Their web development was slick and fast as well as looking great. The design sprint for the app was genuis and I was blown away with the outcome."

A photo of Claire.
Dr Claire Mann
CEO & Founder, Change Xtra

Services to help healthcare succeed

Our services span discovery, alpha, and beta phases, featuring insight-led UX and product design, as well as web and mobile engineering, machine learning, and digital health transformation initiatives.


We’re here to solve healthcare challanges

Over 15 years we’ve been committed to solving problems for clients across healthcare and wellbeing.

We listen and learn
We take a consultative approach to listen, advise, innovate, test, and improve.
Agile from the get-go
Our teams are cross-functional and agile from start to finish.
Geared for growth
We help our clients to grow through the support we offer.
Masters of one
No digital jack-of-all trades. We’re 100% product experts.
Open. Honest. No BS
We believe in open and honest communication at every stage.
Industry experience
We work within regulatory frameworks to ensure compliance.
Case study

A digital solution for mental health

We partnered with Talk It Out to transform their human technique into a digital health platform.

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We design and develop human-centred solutions that create positive outcomes for users. Let’s work together!