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Take advantage of machine learning

The use of machine learning in digital health and health tech is increasing. Smart companies are harnessing the value of their data in machine learning models to optimise processes and increase user satisfaction. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to reshape what’s being done across digital healthcare.

Machine learning can boost digital health

Machine learning solutions

There are a number of machine learning solutions that can be used for different needs. Our data science experts can select what’s most useful for the specific needs of your product.

Data engineering

Make the most of AI algorithms with your data.

Data science

Find key insights to improve your product.

Recommender systems

Create a personalised experience for every user.

Natural language processing

Build natural interactions with your users.

Computer vision

Automate decision-making processes based on images.

Audio recognition

Enable voice communication.

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Talk It Out

A fun, simple, and human way to untangle your thinking – we partnered with Talk It Out to transform their wellbeing program into a digital experience.

A consultancy style service, it helps people improve their wellbeing in a simple and easy way. Pitched as 'good nutrition for you mind'.

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