We are nuom

We are a HealthTech
experience consultancy

We work with HealthTech companies to drive growth by creating better experiences.

About us

Leading healthcare into tomorrow

Addressing the complexities of healthcare by designing solutions that cater to the needs of diverse populations from inception to delivery, we are a trusted strategic partner to a diverse range of companies and organisations.

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"Martin and the team are superb. They follow a simple design process that delivers great work. The cadence of working and learning is fast which is essential if you want meaningful results. Highly recommended!"
Alex Garner
COO, Xperiome
"The Nuom team and Martin have provided an exceptional service so far, it has been an absolute pleasure to be starting our business journey with them and bringing our vision, mission and passion to life. "
Mita Patel
"They've got some great talent but more importantly they really care about what we do [helping the NHS] and really care about the impact we're having"
Paddy Hanrahan
Strategy Director, Helpforce

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