The Future is H2H: Designing Healthcare Systems for People, Not Processes

Dale Morrell
May 2024

The age of B2B and B2C distinctions in healthcare might be fading faster than a summer cold. Why? The future is H2H, human to human. That's the argument gaining traction as user experience expectations have matured across all industries.

The B2C Boom and the Patient Power Shift

Remember the days of clunky, confusing bank apps or appointment scheduling systems that felt like navigating a maze blindfolded? Thankfully, the past decade saw a B2C UX revolution. Mobile apps became intuitive and user-friendly, with interfaces that felt less like work and more like second nature. This shift wasn't lost on patients. They, too, started demanding a similar level of care and attention in their healthcare interactions.

From Siloed Systems to Seamless Integration

Imagine this: a patient uses a sleek app to track their vitals and symptoms. This app doesn't just empower them with their health data; it seamlessly integrates with the doctor's system. On the clinician's side, the data is presented in clear, visual formats with easy-to-use communication tools. This creates a two-way street of information – the patient feels empowered, and the doctor gains valuable insights for a more informed diagnosis and treatment plan.

This translates to greater efficiency in consultations, as the doctor arrives prepared with a deeper understanding of the patient's health. Furthermore, clear communication through the app reduces the risk of confusion or complications, and timely access to their health data gives the patient greater peace of mind. This is the power of blurring the lines between B2B and B2C in healthcare, ultimately creating a more streamlined and effective experience for everyone involved.

The Tech Revolution Levels the Playing Field

The good news? The technological advancements that fueled the B2C UX revolution are no longer a luxury reserved for big tech companies. Cloud-based solutions, user-friendly development tools, and a growing pool of UX design talent have made high quality user experiences accessible to everyone. This means the cost barrier that once separated B2C and B2B solutions is dissolving.

The Future of Healthcare: User-Centricity at Every Touchpoint

This democratisation of UX design opens a new world of possibilities for healthcare. Instead of clunky appointment scheduling, confusing patient portals, and inefficient clinician dashboards, the future is effortless, informative, and empowering.

Scheduling appointments with the ease of booking a concert ticket, refilling prescriptions as conveniently as ordering takeout, and navigating patient portals that are as intuitive as your favourite app. Even clinician dashboards are streamlined and efficient, allowing for more focused consultations with patients.

The future of healthcare is rapidly becoming H2H – human to human. By prioritising user experience at every touchpoint, we can create a healthcare system that is not only efficient but also empowering and, dare we say, enjoyable for everyone involved.

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